Monday, March 31, 2014

God glorified through my hard time? Isn't there some other way?

The children of Israel are caught between a rock and hard place--the Red Sea on the one side and the Egyptian army on the other. There is no way out. Even though the people had seen the glory of the Lord displayed in the plagues, His protection over them during those plagues, and His deliverance from slavery, they complain!

But the Lord has his purposes. In Exodus 14:17-18 God reveals the purpose behind their "hard time," their crucible experience. His glory! It is through His deliverance through the hard time that the Lord will be glorified. Even though we might know this to be true we might wonder:

Lord, can't you get your glory without me having to go through a hard time? 

If He could He would! Rejoice that He is using our hard times to bring glory to Himself. This is about Him, not us!

His will be done!

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